TERROIR! Can you taste the location?

Premium Wine Walk TERROIR! Can you taste the location?
In dialogue with German wines,
today: The Ahr and the Nahe
Date: Saturday, 7. September 2024
Topic: Give it a try!

Sophisticated. Whether a vine grows on slate, sandstone (and the greywacke subspecies), loess, clay, basalt or other volcanic rock makes an enormous difference in some cases. To find out, there are wines from different soils, which we are tasting in pairs today.
The route takes us through the Dernau slate sites, via Marienthal and Walporzheim with greywacke soils and on to Ahrweiler sites with strong loess/loam layers. The eight wines come from the entire Ahr and thus reflect all the terroirs of the Weinahr region

The price of €149.00 per person includes:

  • Welcome sparkling wine from the Ahr, Brut
  • 8 wines from different sites of the Ahr*
  • 1 mineral water in 0.5 litre bottles; either still or medium
  • Snack in the vineyards with pretzels, etc.

* (All wines are wine samples, all sparkling wines except the welcome sparkling wine are sparkling wine samples, in corresponding quantities)

Route information
Type of route: Start->Finish
Duration: approx. 4.5 to 5 hours
Difficulty: moderate
Start time: 11:00, Start place: Hikers' car park Dernau

Time of arrival: At approx. 15:30 at the destination: Bahnhof Ahrweiler Markt
Closure: On my premium wine walks, it has become established that we sit together in a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere at the end. This time we are finishing off (for self-payers) at the Ahrweiler Wine Weeks (self-paying).

Intended purpose for the Payment of the amount listed below:

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