VDP.EstateWines from the Ahr

Premium Wine Walk VDP.EstateWines from the Ahr
In dialogue with German wines,
today: The Ahr and Württemberg
Date: Saturday, 1. June 2024
Topic: Estate wine tasting of the 7 VDP wineries

Our small, fine red wine-growing region is characterised by high quality wines. The Weinahr counts 7 VDP wineries. In relation to the area under cultivation, this is the highest VDP density in Germany.
Today you will learn a lot about the VDP and can taste typical estate wines and a site cuvée during the PWW.
The estate wines are the foundation of the VDP pyramid and the calling card of every VDP winery; the gateway to quality in German viticulture, so to speak.

The price of €118.00 per person includes:

  • Welcome sparkling wine from the Ahr, Brut
  • 7 estate wines from 7 VDP wineries of the Ahr*
  • 1 Kabi, trendy Kabinett wine*
  • 1 mineral water in 0.5 litre bottles; either still or medium
  • Snack in the vineyards with pretzels, etc.

* (All wines are wine samples, all sparkling wines except the welcome sparkling wine are sparkling wine samples, in corresponding quantities)

Route information
Type of route: Start->Finish
Duration: approx. 3.5 to 4 hours
Difficulty: moderate
Start time: 11:00, Start place: Bahnhof Altenahr

Time of arrival: At approx. 15:00 at the destination: Railway station Mayschoss
Closure: On my premium wine walks, it has become established that we sit together in a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere at the end. For this tour I recommend the following place for the finale (for self-payers): Restaurant Bahnsteig 1.

Intended purpose for the Payment of the amount listed below:

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