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30. May 2024
11:00 Uhr ab
Hikers' car park Dernau
Dernau, das Tal von Rech aus
Blanc de Noir from the Ahr (Premium Wine Walk)
The refreshing variety of wines – white wine from red grapes

This professionally guided Premium Wine Wake takes us through the valley today. During our tour we taste some of the best Blanc de Noir wines.

1. June 2024
11:00 Uhr ab
Bahnhof Altenahr
VDP.EstateWines from the Ahr (Premium Wine Walk)
Estate wine tasting of the 7 VDP wineries

Our small, fine red wine-growing region is characterised by high quality wines. The Weinahr counts 7 VDP wineries. In relation to the area under cultivation, this is the highest VDP density in Germany.

6. July 2024
11:00 Uhr ab
Weinmanufaktur Walporzheim
PINK! is beautiful (Premium Wine Walk)
Rosé wines very fresh, very fruity

It has been experiencing a real renaissance for some time now and is enjoying great popularity: rosé – wines made from red grapes, lightly pressed, matured in steel tanks, refreshingly light in inviting pink!

3. August 2024
11:00 Uhr ab
Weinmanufaktur Walporzheim
Summer wines (Premium Wine Walk)
Light, typical summer wines as a tricolour

Are summer wines always white or is it a rosé? No, there are also slightly chilled, fruity red wines.

7. September 2024
11:00 Uhr ab
Hikers' car park Dernau
TERROIR! Can you taste the location? (Premium Wine Walk)
Give it a try!

Sophisticated. Whether a vine grows on slate, sandstone (and the greywacke subspecies), loess, clay, basalt or other volcanic rock makes an enormous difference in some cases. To find out, there are wines from different soils, which we are tasting in pairs today.

3. October 2024
10:00 Uhr ab
Bahnhof Altenahr
The journey through Germany (Premium Wine Walk)
A journey through the German wine-growing regions

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, 11 German wine-growing regions became 13. Today, on the Day of Unity, we are tasting a total of 8 German wines from 8 different growing regions and 8 typical grape varieties.