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Inspiration is so incredibly important. What counts for me is the well-known thinking outside the box. What does that mean in relation to a restaurant somewhere in the Black Forest?

The Black Forest thrives on its authenticity. The food on offer is based on regional specialities – of course – with national and international touches. In addition, the wine recommendations are paired with the special feature that the many indulgent guests from the two neighbouring countries, Switzerland and France, are an incentive for high quality.

It is almost always a pleasurable experience when I am able to visit Black Forest restaurants. The restaurant Kamino in Häusern, not far from the Schluchsee, between the Albstausee and Schwarza, is an absolute model establishment on the way to its first Michelin star. Creative cuisine, appealing wines, really attentive, friendly service in a wonderful ambience create moments of joie de vivre.

And what does this have to do with VinoPlan? Well, these experiences are incorporated into my work, into my offerings and, as small pieces of the mosaic, set a further accent in the cooperation with local catering partners for a wonderful VinoPlan mission statement.

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