Premium Wine Walk Sommelier-Special
In dialogue with German wines,
today: Einstimmung auf den Sommelier Campus
Date: Saturday, 15. June 2024
Topic: Ahrweine in den Weinbergen

The oldest steep slopes and terraces on the Ahr are in Walporzheim and were created around 1140. Today’s Alte Lay, Gärkammer and Kräuterberg vineyards are all classified as Grosse Lagen according to the VDP pyramid. They have been listed as a protected zone since 1992.

We start at the foot of the Alte Lay and hike through the steep slopes. The fantastic panoramic views along the way reflect the history of Ahr wine, from the terraces to modern land consolidation and new vineyards.

We stop along the way to taste typical estate and local wines from Ahr winegrowers. This will also be a mirror: from garage winegrowers to organic cultivation, biodynamic in permaculture, young winegrowers, direct marketers and also from a co-operative. This tour deliberately leaves out the VDP wineries, which will be on the following day.

During the hike, you will learn a great deal about viticulture, the wines, their history and the development of the AHR wine region.

The price of per person includes:

  • Begrüßungssekt, Winzersekt von der Ahr, Brut
  • 6 Ahrweine, Qualität: Gutswein und Ortswein; trocken und feinherb*
  • 1 Kabinett-Wein, fruchtig-mild*
  • 1 mineral water in 0.5 litre bottles; either still or medium
  • Snack-Imbiss in den Weinbergen mit Laugengebäck, o. ä.

* (All wines are wine samples, all sparkling wines except the welcome sparkling wine are sparkling wine samples, in corresponding quantities)

Route information
Type of route: Start->Finish
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Difficulty: moderate
Start time: 15:30, Start place: Weinmanufaktur Walporzheim

Time of arrival: At approx. 17:30 at the destination: Ahrweiler market place

Intended purpose for the Payment of the amount listed below:

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