Orange Wines

Premium Wine Walk Orange Wines
In dialogue with German wines,
today: Die Ahr, Franken, Rheinhessen, Rheingau, Mosel, Nahe
Date: Sunday, 1. October 2023
Topic: Neuer Trend aus ältester Form der Weinbereitung

Orange wines, a few years ago still a mostly ridiculed way of preparing white wine, are today sometimes the best menu companions.

Yes, orange wines really do take some getting used to, they are just different. As German Wine Professional I present German orange wines during a vineyard hike through the oldest vineyard terraces of the Ahr in Walporzheim and around Ahrweiler. Let yourself be seduced by a new dimension of taste.

The price of €152.00 per person includes:

  • Begrüßungsdrink: ein PetNat
  • 6 Orange-Weine / Natur-Weine aus deutschen Anbaugebieten*
  • 1 mineral water in 0.5 litre bottles; either still or medium
  • Feine Snackpause mit korrespondierenden Kleinigkeiten

* (All wines are wine samples, all sparkling wines except the welcome sparkling wine are sparkling wine samples, in corresponding quantities)

Route information
Type of route: Start->Ziel
Duration: approx. 3,5 bis 4 hours
Difficulty: mittel
Start time: 11:00, Start place: Weinmanufaktur Walporzheim

Time of arrival: At approx. 15:00 at the destination: Bahnhof Ahrweiler Markt
Closure: On my premium wine walks, it has become established that we sit together in a relaxed, cheerful atmosphere at the end. For this tour I recommend the following place for the finale (for self-payers): Winzerhof Körtgen.

Intended purpose for the Payment of the amount listed below: PWW-03-23 Orange-Weine

Für diese Veranstaltung können keine Buchungen mehr entgegengenommen werden. Die Buchungsfrist ist vorbei.

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